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Victim / Witness Response Survey

  1. 1. Was it your impression that the officer / officers genuinely cared about helping you?*
  2. 2. Did you feel you received fair treatment from the officer / officers?*
  3. 3. Did the support received from the officer / officers meet your expectations?*
  4. 4. Did you receive the necessary referral information about available victim / witness services?*
  5. 5. Did you find our Records Section helpful and courteous when obtaining a copy of your report?*
  6. 6. Did you feel the Department of Public Safety member/s helped to make the court process as trouble-free as possible?*
  7. 7. Were your needs as a victim or witness met by the Department of Public Safety?*
  8. 9. Please check the nature of the complaint leading to your contact with the Department of Public Safety:*
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