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Citizen Satisfaction Survey

  1. 1. Did the dispatcher answer your call promptly?*
  2. 2. Was the dispatcher courteous?*
  3. 3. Was it your impression that the dispatcher handled your call in a professional manner?*
  4. 4. Did the officer respond promptly?*
  5. 5. Was the officer courteous?*
  6. 6. Was it your impression that the officer truly cared about resolving your problem / complaint?*
  7. 7. Did the officer attempt to answer your questions?*
  8. 8. Was the officer knowledgeable?*
  9. 9. Were you advised of the outcome of your complaint in a timely fashion?*
  10. 10. Were your needs as a victim or witness met by the Police Department? (If no, please write recommendation in space below)*
  11. How would you rate our overall performance with respect to the handling of your problem or complaint? Please use the scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) shown below.*
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