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Police Records Request

  1. Getting a Copy of a Public Record
    Submit one form per request.
  2. Requestor Information
  3. Report Options
    Select one. If you want your report by email or fax, make sure you enter that information in the Requestor Information section.
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  5. Request
  6. Request Specifics
  7. Request Fees

    The following fees apply to Public Records Requests.

    • Call Notes - $5.00 per incident
    • Police Report - $10.00 for the first 20 pages. $0.25 per page after. $40.00 per hour for redactions. Billed in quarter-hour increments after the first hour
    • Crash Report - $10.00 per report.
    • Copy of Traffic Citation - $10.00 per citation
    • Address Scan - $5.00 per address.
    • Copy of Photos - $20 per CD, plus staff time.
    • Video - $85.00 minimum, plus staff time
      The in-car video has a base fee of $85.00 plus a $42.50 additional charge for any increment of each ½ hour required to process over the first hour. The minimum fee for Body Worn Camera video or City Camera video is $85.00 plus a $42.50 additional charge for any increment of each ½ hour required to process over the first hour. Body Worn Camera is generally not releasable under ORS 192.345 (40).
  8. Record Request Exemptions
    Some records request may be denied based on the following Oregon Revised Statutes.
    Reasons for Denial of Public Records

    The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) listed here are summarized. For the complete statute you may visit the following website:

    ORS Summary
    • 124.090 - Confidentiality of records; exceptions.
    • 192.368 (1) - Nondisclosure on request of home address, home telephone number and electronic mail address; rules of procedure; duration of effect of request; liability; when not applicable.
    • 192.398 (1) - Medical records; sealed records; records of individual in custody or under supervision; student records.
    • 192.345 (3) - Investigatory information compiled for criminal law purposes.
    • 192.345 (40) - Audio or video records worn upon the officer’s person that records interactions with the public.
    • 192.355 (2) - Other public records exempt from disclosure.
    • 192.355 (4) - Information submitted to a public body in confidence and not otherwise required by law to be submitted, where such information should reasonably be considered confidential, the public body has obliged itself in good faith not to disclose the information, and when the public interest would suffer by the disclosure.
    • 192.355 (8) - Any public records or information the disclosure of which is prohibited by federal law or regulations.
    Juvenile Records ORS Summary
    • 419A.255 (1) - Maintenance; disclosure; providing transcript; exceptions to confidentiality. The record of the case shall be withheld from public inspection.
    • 419B.035 (1) Confidentiality of records; when available to others.
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