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City Committee / Commission Appointment Application


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    1. Wait List

    2. Personal Information

      Enter your personal information.

    3. May we contact you at work?

    4. Educational Background

      Enter your educational background.

    5. High School

    6. College

    7. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*

    8. Involvement with City or other government committees, boards, projects, etc.

    9. Authorization Waiver

      I have completed the above questions and to the best of my knowledge, what has been stated is true. If appointed, I agree to serve without reimbursement of any kind. I understand that I maybe subject to a criminal records check. I further understand that irrespective of any criminal records check, the City of Grants Pass may decline my volunteer application or volunteer services at any time.

    10. Verification*

      Check the box and enter your name to verify the above information.