How will property be billed?

The city will bill the property owner monthly for a pro-rata share of the annual fee. All billing will be based on the approved assessed value times the tax rate for the city. All future values certified by the County Assessor, along with tax rates established, will be the basis for the billable amount, pro-rated to monthly equivalents.

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1. Are Service and Annexation Agreements required for all development outside the city and inside the Urban Growth Boundary?
2. Will the Service and Annexation Agreement be effective immediately upon signature and filing?
3. How is the assessed value determined, and what is the tax rate?
4. How will property be billed?
5. Will police really patrol and respond to issues miles from the current city limits?
6. My land was served by a community water system approved by the county, and the city is now connecting my area water system to the city system. Do I have to enter into an agreement?
7. If I sign a Service and Annexation Agreement, when can I expect my property to be annexed?
8. If I do not sign a Service and Annexation Agreement, can my property still be annexed?
9. Do I have a vote on annexation?
10. If I sign a Service and Annexation Agreement and the city provides fire and police service, will I still have to have an agreement with a private fire department to protect my property?
11. What other costs may I incur by signing this agreement?