Steep Slope Hazard Control Measures

When fall approaches, please take time as the construction season slows down to proactively plan and install your erosion and sediment control measures. Remind your employees and subcontractors to take the necessary actions to insure sediment remains on the development site during the upcoming rainy season.

Erosion and sediment control measures on steep slopes need to be in place by October 15. Sites not protected are subject to a minimum of a $295 fine per day.

New residential or commercial site developments requesting final occupancy must have permanent erosion and sediment control measures in place before approval.

Construction permits for work on slopes of fifteen (15) percent and greater will not be issued after October 15, unless grading is completed and approved, and erosion and sediment control measures are established. The Parks and Community Development Director may, on a case-by-case basis, extend the October 15th date based on weather conditions at the time of the extension. Fill out the Request for Extension to Work in Steep Slope Hazard Area (PDF) form or pick one up at the Parks and Community Development Department office.

By working together and being mindful of erosion and sediment control issues, we help keep our community and our natural resources clean and free of debris.

If you have any questions regarding erosion and sediment control measures, please visit the Erosion Control and Slope Hazards page or call the Engineering Division at 541-450-6060.