When To Go

During a wildfire, it will likely be dark, smoky, windy, dry, and hot. There may be burning embers being blown about, no power, no phone service, and poor water pressure. 

Remember, there is nothing you own worth your life! Please evacuate immediately when asked by fire or law enforcement officials. 

If you are concerned, don’t wait to be asked to leave. Drive slowly, turn on your vehicle headlights and stay as far to the right side of the road as possible.

By leaving early, you give your family the best chance of surviving a wildland fire. You also help firefighters by keeping roads clear of congestion, enabling them to move more freely and do their job in a safer environment.

When to Leave

Do not wait to be advised to leave if there is a possible threat to your home or evacuation route.

Leave early enough to avoid being caught in fire, smoke or road congestion. If you are advised to leave by local authorities, do not hesitate!

Meeting Location

Leave to a predetermined location. It should be a low-risk area, such as a well-prepared neighbor or relative’s house, an American Red Cross shelter or evacuation center, a motel, etc.

How to Get There 

Have several travel routes in case one route is blocked by the fire or by emergency vehicles and equipment. Choose an escape route away from the fire.

What to Take

Take your emergency supply kit containing your prepared family and pet’s necessary items.

Always Register With Official Personnel When You Arrive at a Shelter

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