Written Application, Supplemental Questionnaire & Typing Test

Typically an application process is open for at least 3 weeks, but this can be extended depending on the number of applications received. The applications are checked for minimum qualifications and completeness. The application is checked to ensure that the typing test is attached and meets the minimum standard of 40 words per minute, and the supplemental questionnaire is evaluated and scored. Evaluation of the written applications can take approximately 1 week.

Testing Process

The applicants undergo the following tests.

Criticall Test

Those candidates who meet the minimum qualification standards are invited to take the Criticall Test. This is a computer test that evaluates the candidate's ability to hear information and input that information. This test also tests the candidate's typing ability while having to listen to information. This test lasts for 2 hours. Depending on how many candidates test, this may take several days to get all of the candidates through Criticall and the tests evaluated and scored.

Oral Panel Interview

The candidate must respond to a series of questions and scenarios that are given to the candidate by panelist. The interview typically takes 45-60 minutes.

Final Steps

Typically a list of qualified candidates is developed. The Chief has the ultimate say as to who is selected to go to the next phase of the hiring process. The remaining components of the hiring process include the following.

Background Investigation

This is an extensive examination of the candidate's background to include personal and employment references, credit history, criminal history, work history, and personal history.

Tentative Job Offer

A tentative job offer is given to candidates who successfully pass the background investigation.

Psychological Fitness Examination

Administered by a forensic psychologist located in the Portland area, this examination is scheduled as soon as possible after the tentative job offer. However, due to the busy schedule of the psychologist, this examination could take up to 3 weeks to obtain an appointment.

Medical Examination Including Drug Screen

As soon after the successful completion of the psychological fitness examination as possible, the candidate is scheduled with a doctor selected by the City of Grants Pass for a medical examination to determine the candidate's ability to meet DPSST certification standards.

Job Offer

A candidate that passes all of the above components of the testing process is then given an offer of employment.

Ongoing Training

The new telecommunicator must then go through intensive and extensive training over the next 12-18 months.

A new telecommunicator that comes to the agency without any prior dispatch certification will be put on an 18-month trial service period. During that time, the telecommunicator will go through orientation, attend the 2-week telecommunicator academy, go through a minimum of 8-10 months of communications training, and then complete the remainder of their trial service.

If a candidate is hired that has current telecommunicator certifications, the trial service is only 12 months and no academy attendance is required. Training in the dispatch center is extensive as there are 3 separate disciplines that the new telecommunicator must learn: Police console, Sheriff's console, and EMS console.