Special Events

The City of Grants Pass has a wide variety of special events and activities that occur year-round. Acting in cooperation with the community, citizens, civic groups, and community groups, the Grants Pass Police Department works to assist in pre-planning special events and unusual occurrences.


The purpose of preplanning ensures that when an event is going to occur within or around the city of Grants Pass that the Police Department is aware of the event and has adequate resources to assist, as necessary. Sometimes merely informing the department of the event is all that is required.


The Preplanning Coordinator for the Grants Pass Police Department can be contacted at 541-450-6260.The preplanning coordinator uses the following format to gather information regarding the unusual occurrence or special event:

  • Identify the responsible party (i.e., the Event Liaison) and document contact phone numbers
  • Identify the event, time, date, location, and duration
  • Identify the purpose or mission behind the event
  • Identify any Public Safety resource needs requested by the Event Liaison

Special Events Application

Anyone having a special event that may impact public roadways, increase needs for public safety personnel, or have an impact on city parks or city services is required to contact the City of Grants Pass Administrative Office to complete a Special Events Application, or download the form below:

If you’re not sure if your event qualifies for permits, permission, equipment, or personnel resources, it is recommended that you call the Grants Pass Police Department to discuss your event or contact City Administration for an event form.