Bicycle Patrol

A successful bicycle patrol team can improve public safety and support other patrol units maintaining high visibility and mobility with close citizen contact in areas not suitable for conventional patrol cars due to traffic congestion, pedestrian congestion, etc. A bike patrol unit can expand the relationship between residents, tourists, and employees by improving communication and interaction through leadership, education, and training.

Bike-based enforcement can include:

  • Gaining intelligence to area-specific problemsRidenour
  • Narcotic suppression
  • Pedestrian stops
  • Routine calls for service
  • Special events
  • Vehicle stops

Bike Team Special Events

Some of the special events that the Bike Team involves itself in include:

  • 4th of July Celebration
  • Back to the 50s
  • Boatnik
  • First Friday Art Nights
  • Halloween

The use of police bicycles is limited only to the creativity and imagination of a police department. With the growth of our city and department, the Bike Team can expand to other areas of enforcement.

Bike Equipment Used

Experience indicates that the 21-speed mountain bike works best for police officers on patrol because it allows officers to move quickly and with little planning. We currently use SPECIALIZED brand mountain bikes. Officers can carry the bike over fences and other obstacles, ride it through mud and sand, use it as a defensive barrier and maneuver it quickly through congested areas. Our bikes also feature a specifically designed padded equipment bag the officers use to hold needed equipment.


Each of our Bike Team officers are required to attend a 32 hour bike training class.


The purpose of the GPDPS Police Bike Team is to promote the concept of Community Oriented Policing. This is accomplished by an increased police presence, increased crime detection, suppression, apprehension, and police response. This creates greater police-citizen interaction, creating trust and rapport with our community.