Patrol Division

The uniformed officers of Patrol Division are proud to serve the citizens of Grants Pass. We are committed to protecting our citizens from harm while providing skilled and proactive service.

Academy Training

Each of our patrol officers assigned to the division has completed the academy at Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), which is located in Salem, Oregon. It provides professional and uniform instruction to every peace officer in the state of Oregon. The State Academy provides training in every aspect of the profession. This includes firearms, emergency vehicle operation (driving), evidence collection, firearms, defensive tactics, ethics, and a long list of other fields. Only parts of the instruction takes place in a classroom.

Field Training

Upon successful completion of the Academy, the officer returns to the department and must finish a grueling and comprehensive Field Training and Evaluation Program, often called FTEP. Field Training Officers (FTOs) evaluate the new officer in areas such as communication, problem solving, officer safety, investigations, and knowledge of the laws. The thirteen weeks of FTEP ensures that each officer is capable of performing their job duties in a competent and professional manner.

When the officer completes FTEP, they are assigned to 1 of 4 teams: 2 teams work opposing shifts on night shift and 2 teams work opposing shifts on day shift. Each team is comprised of 5 to 6 patrol officers, 1 Corporal and a Sergeant. The night shift teams have a K-9 officer on their team.


The City of Grants Pass is divided into 4 geographical beats. An officer is assigned to each one of the beats. That officer is responsible for the incidents that occur in that beat. The Department is able to reduce response time by having officers remain in their beats.

Primary Duties

The primary duty of each patrol officer is responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service. These calls are prioritized by the nature of the incident; the more severe the emergency, the quicker the response. Patrol Officers are committed to solving crimes with investigations; tackling livability issues with problem solving; and proactively working to prevent crimes from even occurring.

Patrol Officers are members of our community and are dedicated to providing our fellow citizens with professional public safety services.