School Resource Officer Program

In 1993, the Grants Pass Police Department and Grants Pass School District entered into a partnership for a School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. The inter-agency cooperative effort places a specialty-trained SRO in the schools full-time in the school year. The program provides a safe and secure learning environment for students, educators, and parents in the school community.

Together, Grants Pass Police Department and GPSD strive to build positive relationships that allow us to share critical information, prevent incidents, and deter criminal activity. SROs Stewart and Hoy strive to be positive role models for the students. 


The SRO program has had tremendous benefits for both School District 7 as well as the Police Department. Together we strive to build positive working relationships where we’re able to proactively prevent incidents, share critical information to deter current and future incidents, and work to be positive role models for the students.


SRO Jennings Stewart and SRO Justin Hoy both maintain a high profile at our District 7 Schools.

SRO Stewart is responsible for all schools north of the river, while SRO Hoy is responsible for all schools south of the river. Their duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Counseling and mentoring
  • Enforcing the District 7 Attendance Initiative
  • Ensuring compliance of state law and city ordinances
  • Offering instructional and teaching opportunities within the classrooms
  • Providing resources to staff, students, and parents

Student Public Safety Academy

One of the newest ventures for the SRO is the facilitation of a Student Public Safety Academy. The academy is taught as a semester-long class and provides students with a better understanding of all public safety aspects.

Juvenile Department Meetings

The School Resource Officer also attends and facilitates meetings with the Juvenile Department to include District 7 administrators and staff and probation officers from the Juvenile / Adult Probation and Parole Departments. The goal of the meeting is to discuss issues involving juveniles and other community and school related matters.

  1. Jennings Stewart

    SRO Jennings Stewart

    Justin Hoy

    SRO Justin Hoy