Police Report Request

How To Obtain a Copy of a Police Report

To obtain a report, and to avoid additional delays, please provide as much information as possible about the incident and the persons involved. Supply, if known, the date of the incident, the full names and dates of birth of the persons involved, the location of the incident, the type of incident, and the license plates or VINs of the vehicles involved. The more specific information you provide, the more likely it is that we will be able to locate the record you are seeking.

  • Date of the incident - provide the date and time the incident occurred, or when the report was filed, if it was at a later time
  • Full name and date of birth - provide the first, middle, and last names of the persons involved. Date of birth is also very important in narrowing the search.
  • Location of incident - provide the exact address of the incident. If there isn’t an exact address, provide cross streets.
  • Type of incident - provide information on the type of incident that occurred. Examples of commonly requested reports include traffic crashes, thefts, harassment, etc.
  • License plate and/or VIN - provide as much information as possible about the vehicle(s) involved. The description “red Toyota 4 door” is not searchable, but “Oregon license plate ABC123 red Toyota Camry” is very specific and will narrow the search.

Fee Schedule

The following fee schedule applies to all reports released to the public:

  • Address Activity listing - $5 per address
  • Arrest Summary for person - $5 per name
  • Copies of CAD reports or CAD incidents - $5
  • Copies of Citations - $10
  • Copies of Narrative Police Reports - $10 up to 20 pages @ .25 per additional page
  • Copies of Traffic Crash Reports / Exchange of Information Reports - $10

Additional fees may be charged on non-standard records requests:

  • Cost per data CD created: $10
  • Cost per page of report: $1
  • Hourly rate to complete the request: $40

No personal checks, please. To order a report, please download the Police Report Request form (PDF). and mail the completed form to:

  • Grants Pass Department of Public Safety
    101 NW A St.
    Grants Pass, OR 97526

Requests may also be hand delivered to our office in the Justice Building at the corner of 5th and B streets. Payment is required prior to processing your request. Requests that do not include payment will be returned. If, due to the length of the report, an additional fee is required, it must be paid prior to the release of the report.

In the event that the record you are requesting is not available for release, your payment will be refunded. Your request may take up to 14 days to process. For more information, please call the Records Division at 541-450-6260.

Criminal History Records

Non-criminal justice agencies or private individuals must write the Oregon State Police to request criminal history records. A fee is required.