Public Safety Forms

There are two types of forms on the website. Online forms are those you can fill out and submit online. Downloadable forms are those, usually PDFs, which you can open online, print, and fill out. Here are the Department of Public Safety forms available to you.

Online Forms

  • Abandoned Autos: Report an abandoned auto on public property (including the roadway).
  • Citizen Public Safety Academy Application: This form is live when applications are being accepted.
  • Commendations: Everyone likes a pat on the back when they do a good job. Department of Public Safety employees are no different. When you receive service from our Department that you feel is worthy of commendation, we would like to hear about it.
  • Complaints: It is the policy of the Department of Public Safety to accept all allegations of employee misconduct and all inquiries as to specific practices and procedures from any person who makes a report to the Department.
  • Municipal Code Violations: The City of Grants Pass enforces municipal code violations. Code violations can include, but not be limited to: parking, animal nuisances, camping in city limits, rubbish, junked vehicles.
  • Police Report Request: If you need a copy of a police report, an address scan, or a name scan, complete this form and submit it to the Records Section for processing. All requests for copies of reports do have a fee schedule.

Downloadable Forms

  • Business Self Inspection for Fire Safety (PDF): The Self Inspection Program works in conjunction with Fire and Life Safety Inspections. Every July, the Self Inspection Form is mailed out with business tax renewal forms. The responsible party for the business will fill out the form and mail it back to the prevention office.
  • Citizen Public Safety Academy (page):  Links to both the online and PDF forms are available on this page when applications are being accepted.
  • Found Property (page): If you find an item that has a value of $250, find out what your obligations are and how to report the found property..
  • Identity Theft (page): The downloadable form and other information regarding Identify Theft is available on this page.
  • Missing Persons / Runaway (PDF): If you are reporting a person as missing or as a runaway, the guardian, parent, or reporting person is required to complete this form before the missing person/runaway can be entered into the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) or the local law enforcement data system (LEDS).
  • Parking Violation Appeal (PDF) - If you want to appeal a parking ticket, complete this form and submit it as instructed on the form.
  • Ride-Along (page): If you are interested in riding along with the police, fire, or sit-in the Communications Center, read the policy to find out if you are eligible, and fill out the form if you are.
  • Special Events Permit Applications (page): The Department of Public Safety wants to work in partnership with those individuals or organizations that are planning an event that may impact traffic, include large crowds, or create possible safety concerns. Coordination in the pre-planning stages of an event make for a safer more successful event.
  • Trespass Letter of Consent (PDF): Having trouble with trespassers? Fill out this form to give the Department of Public Safety consent to remove trespassers after business hours.
  • Worthless Document (PDF): Did you get a bad check? If you are the victim of a bad check, review the form to determine if your case can be investigated. Check out the form to learn how you can avoid becoming a victim and also how to have a case that can be investigated to a successful resolution.