Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is commanded by Lieutenant Todd Moran and provides a wide range of services in support of line operations. These services include operating and managing the Detective division, CSOs / Code Enforcement and the Traffic Team.

The men and women of the Support Services Bureau provide a valuable service to our community, the citizens, and the line level police officers and firefighters. Without the services of the dispatchers, public safety clerks, and detectives, the line level personnel would not be able to function as well as they do.

Though times are very challenging, every member of the Grants Pass Police Department has stepped up to the challenge and strives to meet it head on with a positive attitude and desire to provide the very best services possible.

The Support Lieutenant is responsible for overseeing, supervising, and directing all support services and also has the additional responsibilities of:

  • Code enforcement
  • Commander Critical Incident Negotiations Team (C.I.N.T.)
  • Detective division to include the RADE detectives from GPDPS
  • Overseeing and pre-planning all major police community and special events
  • Recruiting, career development, and training for all Support Services personnel
  • Supervising the Traffic Team