Annual Goals & Objectives

Living in Grants Pass feels safe and is safe. Public Safety provides our residents with a sense of well-being and protection at an affordable cost. The desired outcome to work proactively to ensure citizens are safe and feel safe.


  1. Reduce traffic accidents in critical areas: DPS continues to emphasize traffic safety through the use of both education and enforcement. We meet regularly with various City Staff and attempt to correct issues with engineering design where possible. Our two traffic officers work in conjunction with patrol officers (when patrol officers are available), as well as officers working grants to enhance community safety.
  2. Receive re-accreditation of Police and Communications: The Staff will begin reviewing the policies and the application of policies in preparation for the next re-accreditation.
  3. Enforce the Municipal and Development codes: The Staff will continue to enforce the Municipal and Development Codes based on the priorities established by the Council.
  4. Respond to neighborhood concerns for traffic calming: Staff will work with neighborhoods to find solutions to traffic issues in residential neighborhoods.
  5. Inspect all mandatory facilities annually: This new program will provide for the inspection of all mandatory facilities by the Department of Public Safety.
  6. Initiate the strategic planning process for Department of Public Safety: Staff will initiate the process the will lead to the development of a Strategic Plan for Public Safety.
  7. Expand Firefighter Intern Program: Staff will expand the current Intern Firefighter Program by continuing to partner with Rogue Community College for this vital program. We anticipate doubling the size of the program in preparation for staffing the Redwood Station upon its completion.
  8. Provide staffing to provide proactive enforcement: As the city grows and calls for service increase, the city has had to shift resources to address these calls. The result is a decrease in the amount of time spent on proactive services. This will be addressed in the proposed budget.
    This goal is also met though the ongoing efforts to support and expand our neighborhood watch programs, and maintain the relationships between the public safety officers and the schools and students and the ongoing Bi-Annual Public Safety Academy.