Water Service Installation Fees

The Water Service Installation fee is based on the size of the service line required to serve the water needs of the property.

A single-family residence with 4 toilets or fewer can be served by a 3/4-inch water service line. Commercial uses with higher water demands will require larger service lines.

A plumber should be consulted to help you determine the appropriate water service size for your needs. The Water Service Installation fee includes the water service box installation which houses the meter.

Water Service Installation Fees

Water Installation Fees
Service Line Size
Paved Road Fee
Unpaved Road Fee
1 inch
1.5 inches
2 inches

Meter Drop-In Only (Service Box Previously Installed)

  • 3/4 inch meter - $80
  • 1 inch or larger meter - $125

Street Restoration Cost Recovery Fee for Water Connection

An additional Street Restoration Cost Recovery Fee may be required if the installation of your water service incurs additional costs related to restoring the street to city standard after accessing the water main for a tap to bring the waterline to your property. Street restoration fees are estimated based on the age of the street, the classification of the street, the proximity of the water main within the street, and whether or not the sidewalk will have to be replaced.

The estimated street restoration fee is paid at the time the installation permit is issued. Once the service has been installed, if extenuating on-site conditions demand, the customer may be billed for additional street restoration costs, or conversely, excess payment collected will be returned to the applicant.

Administrative & River Crossing Fees

The Administrative and River Crossing Fees are charged for water service connections south of the Rogue River. Fees collected are used to maintain the water distribution system that pipes water from the city’s water treatment plant to water users across the river.

  • Administrative Fee - $10 per connection
  • Residential River Crossing Fee - $56 per unit
  • Non-Residential River Crossing Fee - $4.20 per 1/100th acre of lot.

Plumbing Permit Fees & Customer Connection Requirements

Once the water service lateral, service box, and meter are installed to the frontage of the property, it is the property owner’s requirement to obtain a plumbing permit and hire a licensed plumber to connect the meter service to the residence or building it will serve. This may involve disconnecting and properly abandoning any existing well that may be on the property.

The plumbing work required may include the installation of a backflow prevention device (PDF) to prevent contamination of the water system, a reduced pressure device, and a customer service valve (PDF) so the property owner can turn the water on and off at the valve if necessary. Please consult your plumber to help you determine the needs of your property. Plumbing Permit Fees include inspection by the city’s plumbing inspector:

  • Less than 100 feet of waterline and backflow device: $82.12
  • 100 feet to 200 feet of waterline and backflow device: $115.74

System Development Charges

System Development Charges are associated with all new water service connections. See the System Development Charges brochure (PDF) for more information on the current fees. These fees are subject to change by the City Council and annual increases may be applied.

Advance Finance District (AFD )/ Reimbursement District (RD) Charges

There may be an additional charge if the property connecting to the service is associated with an AFD or RD. Please visit our interactive map and select the Reimbursement District layer to see if your property may be part of a district. Please contact us if you have questions.

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