Landscaping Resources

Street Trees

All development, residential and commercial, fronting on public or private streets is required to install landscaping in accordance with standards set in Article 23 of the City of Grants Pass Development Code (PDF)

Some landscape sites may require structural soils that meet certain specifications.

Landscaping Design Types

The City has four approved landscaping design types for new development: the three listed below and the traditional design type as detailed in Article 23.  The resources listed below provide species types and design guidance. 

Fire Safe Resources

Low Water Resources

Native Plant, Pollinator, and Wildlife Habitat Resources

Location and Placement of Street Trees

Street trees are not permitted in the street right-of-way except in cases where there is a designated planting strip in the right-of-way (e.g. Washington Boulevard).

  1. Intersections
  2. Light Poles
  3. Curbs
  4. Overhead Power Lines
  5. Paveways Walkways

Intersections (streets, alleys, private driveways)

  • No closer than 25 feet from the curb line of intersection of streets or alleys
  • No closer than 5 feet from private driveways (measured at the back edge of sidewalk)
  • No closer than 5 feet from fire hydrants or utility poles

Approved Trees and Spacing

Go to Approved Street and Parking Lot Trees for more information on the recommended and approved street trees, spacing, and those trees which are prohibited or not recommended.