Comprehensive Community Development Plan

The Grants Pass and Urbanizing Area Comprehensive Community Development Plan was first adopted by Ordinance 4471 on December 15, 1982. It was last amended on March 1, 2023, by Ordinance 23-5849.



NOTE: In 2014, the City of Grants Pass and Josephine County adopted a new coordinated population forecast. Changes in state law now provide for the Population Research Center (PRC) at Portland State University (PSU) to begin conducting population forecasts for cities and counties. PSU will issue updated county-level forecasts every year and will issue updated coordinated forecasts which allocate the county-level forecasts to sub-county areas (urban areas within Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs) and rural areas outside UGBs for each county on a rotating schedule every three years. These go into effect as specified by state law without local adoption. For Josephine County, the first PSU coordinated forecast was issued and effective in June 2015. The PSU forecasts provide the basis for future planning work.

In 2014, in addition to the adoption of UGB expansion areas, Urban Reserves were also adopted for Grants Pass. The PSU forecast accounts for forecast growth. In addition, the existing population within the UGB, including expansion areas, is reflected in PSU forecast. However, the existing population within the Urban Reserves is not reflected in the Grants Pass urban area forecast. That existing population within the Urban Reserve areas is accounted for in the PSU forecast as the existing rural area population.

Coordinated Population Forecast for Josephine County, its UGB, and outside UGB 2015-2065 (external website)

Other Plans and Elements of the Comprehensive Community Development Plan