Water Quality Reports

The City of Grants Pass Public Works Department is pleased to announce to you that our 2017 annual Water Quality Report is ready for viewing.  The purpose of this Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is to improve public health by providing educational information to allow you, our customers, to make educated decisions regarding any potential health risks pertaining to the quality, treatment, and management of the drinking water supply.

This report is available electronically here on our website.  This allows us to be more efficient and saves you money by reducing our printing and mailing costs. If you would prefer to have a paper copy mailed to you please call the Public Works administration office at 541-450-6110 and we would be happy to send you one. 

To learn more about Consumer Confidence Reports and the information that they must contain be sure to visit the EPA's website.

Previous years' water quality reports are available to download below. If you have any other questions relating to the quality of your water or what it may contain, do not hesitate to contact the Public Works Department at the number above or the Water Treatment Plant at 541-450-6118.

Download the 2017 Water Quality Report

2017 Water Quality Report

Previous Water Quality Reports