Urban Forestry Framework Plan

Looking up through the canopyThe City of Grants Pass has numerous existing tree programs and is a Tree City USA. While the city's existing tree programs are positive, it is not clear whether the individual programs were working collectively to most effectively provide the benefits of urban trees. The City conducted an analysis to contribute to the development of an Urban Forestry Plan to increase the benefits of:

  • Air and water pollution reduction
  • Economic benefits
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Erosion prevention and control
  • Habitat
  • Mitigation of urban heat sink
  • Noise suppression
  • Stormwater management and retention
  • Traffic calming

Urban Forestry Steering Committee

Trees along a pathTo ensure diverse community interests were represented in the evaluation of the Urban Forestry Plan, an Urban Forestry Steering Committee was formed. The committee provided input, feedback, and recommendations on the work products developed during the planning process. The input was used to develop and refine work products which were submitted to the Planning Commission and City Council for adoption.

Urban Forestry Plan Goals, Policies & Objectives

On June 25, 2008, the committee presented its recommended Urban Forestry Plan Goals, Policies, and Objectives (PDF) to the Urban Area Planning Commission for a public hearing.

The Planning Commission suggested revisions to the document and requested that it be taken back to the Urban Forestry Steering Committee for additional consideration.

Plan Adoption

On September 8, 2008, the Urban Forestry Committee adopted a revised Goals, Policies, and Objectives (PDF) document dated August 11, 2008.

On October 8, 2008, the Urban Area Planning Commission recommended the adoption of the Urban Forestry Framework Plan to the City Council.

The Plan was adopted as an element of the Comprehensive Plan by City Council at their November 19, 2008 meeting by Ordinance 5470.

Urban Forestry Framework - Adopted November 19, 2008