Wastewater Collection System Master Plan

The purpose of the Wastewater Collection System Master Plan is to manage collection system assets and plan for improvements needed to accommodate growth.  The Plan provides information that allows the City of Grants Pass to achieve its strategic goal to "Maintain, Operate and Expand our Infrastructure to Meet Community Need" relative to the wastewater collection system.

Master plans are critical to the success of our public utilities. Master plans are the blue-print to future infrastructure expansion and the instruction manual on how to fix current deficiencies that face the City. Staff and consultants also spend considerable time examining current and projected system demand. The Wastewater Collection System consists of nearly 175 miles of conveyance pipes and five pump stations. The oldest pipes on record in the system date from 1920.

There are five primary work elements in this July 2016 update and they include, basis of planning, flow projections, condition of existing assets, collection system analysis and Capital Project Development Plan.

Wastewater Collection System Master Plan - 2016 Update