Master Transportation Plan

Master Transportation Plan CoverThe Grants Pass Urban Area Master Transportation Plan was adopted in December 1997, and was revised by Ordinance 5022 on September 20, 2000, Ordinance 5195 on October 1, 2003, Ordinance 5438 on April 2, 2008, and Ordinance 5447 on May 21, 2008.

Plan Goals

The mission of the Grants Pass Urban Area Master Transportation Plan is to develop a plan to meet the current and future transportation needs of the Grants Pass Urban Area in ways that:

  • Enable the safe, convenient, and efficient movement of people and goods
  • Preserve the quality if life, area amenities, local neighborhoods and the natural environment
  • Provide for a complete transportation system that allows for choices of travel by walking, bicycle, public transit, and private vehicles
  • Ensure the wise use of public and private investments in transportation facilities and services

Plan Funding

Please view the slide show (PDF) from the July 20, 2009 City Council Workshop for a summary of how Transportation System Development Charges help fund transportation projects in our community.

Plan Documents

The Grants Pass Urban Area Master Transportation Plan is divided into 8 chapters, with 7 appendices. (Note: some of the maps contained within this document may not be legible for viewing on the web. Please contact the Community Development Office (page) at 541-450-6060 if you would like to purchase expanded maps or make arrangements to view them in our office.)