Water Distribution

Water Distribution System

Water Distribution is responsible for ensuring a consistently dependable supply of quality water for both domestic consumption and fire service protection.

The municipal water system

  • withdraws raw water from the Rogue River,
  • removes suspended particulates,
  • removes and inactivates pathogens and produces,
  • pumps and stores noncorrosive, palatable water according to federal, state, and local drinking water regulations.

The services delivered in this activity are administered through performance of distinct programs consisting of

  • customer service,
  • water quality,
  • service installation and maintenance,
  • system maintenance,
  • main and hydrant installation, and
  • general operations.

The duties encompassed in these programs include

  • water sampling,
  • water system flushing,
  • meter replacement,
  • water service installation and repair,
  • fire hydrant repair and inspection,
  • backflow prevention inspection,
  • water main repair, utility locates, and
  • customer concerns and requests.

In addition, this activity provides support to both contractors involved in new construction and other city departments during their normal course of business.


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