Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Program

Tree Creating a Sidewalk Trip HazardDetermining Hazardous Sidewalks  

The Street Maintenance Division inspects sidewalks based upon City  initiation or citizen complaint. When a sidewalk is determined to be hazardous, the city issues a notice to the property owner.

The notice explains why the sidewalk must be repaired, the time allowed for the repair, information about permit requirements, and general  information on the City’s Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Program.

The property owner is to obtain estimates to repair the hazards and contact the Street Maintenance Division for review and approval.  Proposals or cost estimates must be approved by the Street Maintenance Division prior to any work.

Issuance of Notice

If the property owner arranges for the work then the property owner is eligible for the Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Program where the City of Grants Pass will cover up to 50% of the sidewalk repair cost. There will be no City participation without the City’s Street Maintenance Division first approving the estimate or proposal prior to starting the repair work.

If requested, the property owner’s repair costs can be paid through the City’s Financial Assistance Program, whereby the property owner is required to enter into an agreement for short-term financing with the City. The City will arrange and pay for the sidewalk removal and replacement.

If the property owner elects to ignore the notice and takes no action, the City may repair or alter the sidewalk and full cost and expense of the repair or alteration will become a lien on the lot and premises of the owner. No allowance will be made for any public participation in the construction of the sidewalk.

If the property owner becomes delinquent in making payment on their obligation, the balance, including accrued interest, will become a lien on the lot and premises of the owner.

Procedures for Fixing a Hazardous Sidewalk

  1. The property owner receives a “sidewalk repair notification” from the City of Grants Pass.
  2. The property owner obtains a minimum of three sidewalk repair estimates or proposals from licensed contractors and submits them to the Street Maintenance Division for approval prior to repairs. The lowest responsible estimate or proposal may be approved or all may be rejected.
  3. The property owner obtains a free Hazardous Sidewalk Encroachment Permit (no work is allowed in the right-of-way without an encroachment permit) and a tree permit (if a tree has caused the damage). A tree permit is needed to obtain permission to cut roots or to evaluate a tree for possible removal.
  4. The property owner signs a payment agreement form, supplied by the Street Maintenance Division. If the property owner desires to use the financial assistance program, the Street Maintenance Division will provide the Administrative Services Department a copy of the notice sent to the property owner and copies of the paid bills for repair and replacement costs.

Payment Plans for Repairing Hazardous Sidewalks

If the property owner makes all arrangements for the work, he or she may:

  • Pay the bills in full and request reimbursement from the city for 50% of the cost
  • Sign a “Sidewalk Removal and Replacement Program Agreement” to agree to one of these options:
    • Split the cost and pay their half directly to the contractor
    • Split the cost and pay their half to the City of Grants Pass
    • Agreeing to pay their half in monthly installments to the City of Grants Pass

The selected option is to be directed initially to the Street Maintenance Division for approval prior to submission to the Administrative Services Department for payment and financing arrangements.

Financing Arrangements for Hazardous Sidewalks

  • City financing for “sidewalk removal and replacement” will cover the property owner’s 50% of the cost of sidewalk repair, removal and/or replacement and will be repaid monthly.
  • Payments are due monthly and the financing period will be based as follows on the total dollars to be financed:
    • If the financed amount is under $500, the financing period is 6 months.
    • If the financed amount is $501 - $1000, the financing period is 12 months
    • If the financed amount is over $1000, the financing period is 18 months.
  • Interest will be computed as “simple.” All payments will be applied first to the interest and the balance to the principal.
    • Payments greater than the monthly payment, including payoffs, may be made on the loan at any time without penalties.
    • Payment coupons will be issued by the Administrative Services Department to the property owner to remit with monthly payments.
    • An interest rate will be established by the administrative services director at the time of application at a rate at least equal to the state return, plus a 1% administrative charge.
    • If the property owner fails to make payments and the loan becomes more than 90 days delinquent, a lien shall be placed upon the property for payment.
    • If the property owner pays late, the payment will first be applied to the delinquent interest.


Items not to be included in the sidewalk repair cost:

  • Tree removal and replacement (separate charge through the Parks Division)
  • Extended root removal onto private property
  • Adjacent concrete paths
  • Extra cosmetics (shrubs, rocks)
  • Broken, damaged or new sprinkler or irrigation systems
  • Any other unusual items will be addressed on an individual basis.

Please contact Shelly Stichter, Streets Superintendent, at 541-450-6125 with any questions.