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Welcome to wildfire country. Southwest Oregon has the highest wildfire risk in the state. The steep forested terrain with wet winters followed by extremely dry summers set the stage for potential devastating wildfires every year. Josephine and Jackson Counties consistently experience the highest occurrence of wildfire in the state. In 2014, there were 280 separate wildfires in Josephine and Jackson counties, most of which were human caused. Wildland fires don't only occur where there is forest vegetation, but include grasslands, brush, and landscaping. An outdoor wildfire may occur in your backyard and put yourself, your family, community, and firefighters at risk.

As the Grants Pass area continues to grow, the problem will only get worse. Fires are a part of the natural ecology, living adjacent to the wilderness means living with a constant threat of fires. Fire, by nature, is an unpredictable and often uncontrollable force. We need to prepare our property and ourselves for future wildfires. It's not a question of if, but when the next wildfire event will occur.

Learn how:

  • to protect your home and property in the Firewise / Home Preparedness section.
  • your efforts can combine with the efforts of your neighbors to have your neighborhood benefit from being recognized as a Firewise /USA Community.
  • to prepare yourself and your family when a wildfire threatens your neighborhood and learn how to safely evacuate in the Ready, Set, Go section.

See how this preparation is an important part to help Grants Pass become a Fire Adapted Community.

Advance preparation is the reason why wildfire preparedness collaboration and outreach programs are such an important part of a community's overall approach to becoming more adapted to wildfire. The goal is always to maximize the protection of lives and property, while also enhancing emergency responder safety and fire fighter effectiveness during a wildfire event.

Congratulations to our Wildfire Preparedness Day champions!!!

The following projects were completed by residents from the following Firewise Communities:

  • Pinnon Roads - improved the accessibility of an emergency evacuation route in their neighborhood
  • Knollwood / Buckskin - coordinated the free woody vegetation disposal day at Southern Oregon Compost. Forty -two free loads were delivered totaling a 157 cubic yards. A special thanks to Southern Oregon Compost for hosting this event again this year.
  • Forest Hills - removed over 50 yards of wildfire fuels from their neighborhood!
  • Crescent & B – completed spring cleaning and weeding at the Grants Pass Firewise garden at the Hillcrest Public Safety center.

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Fire Safety at Home

  1. Many outside fires in Oregon are caused by improper debris burning or sparks from power equipment use?

    Read the Yard Debris Removal & Equipment Use - Fire Safety brochure for tips on how to safely dispose of your yard debris.

  2. Recreational Fires

    Recreational fires (for cooking or recreational purposes only) are allowed in the City of Grants Pass provided the rules and regulations on the linked pamphlet are followed.

    Recreational Fire Guidelines (PDF)