Funding Request from Solid Waste Agency


The Solid Waste Agency accepts funding requests for community clean ups and other solid waste issues. If you wish to request funding from the Solid Waste Agency, the first step is to fill out the Solid Waste Agency Funding Application (PDF) for the Solid Waste Agency to review.

The funds the Solid Waste Agency are able to distribute come from the Environmental Program Trust (EPT). This money is received from the waste haulers (Southern Oregon Sanitation and Republic Services), who have franchise agreements with the local jurisdictions (City of Cave Junction, Josephine County, and City of Grants Pass). Every month, the waste haulers must pay a percentage of their earnings in the form of an Environmental Protection Fee into this EPT.

Per the Franchise Agreements, the EPT money can only be spent on solid waste programs, environmental monitoring, landfill post-closure maintenance, remediation of contaminated or other actions ordered by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s solid waste or clean up divisions.

To renew a previously approved request, you may complete the Funding Renewal Form.

If you have any further questions about the Solid Waste Agency or about requests for funding, please call Dianne Phelan at the Public Works Department at 541-450-6110.