Safe Parking Program

In an effort to facilitate the ability of service groups and businesses who wish to allow limited overnight parking of vehicles for people who lack permanent shelter in our community, the Grants Pass City Council approved the Safe Parking Program in June 2023.

The Safe Parking Program is intended to provide temporary transitional overnight parking accommodations for individuals, families, or households on a limited basis for seasonal, emergency, or transitional housing purposes. 

Property owners or lessees of businesses, non-profits, religious, or public entities who wish to allow limited overnight parking can fill out an application online, or download a PDF to submit in person or via email. 

Individual owners of residential properties are not eligible to allow overnight camping under this program, nor are businesses or groups located within the Central Business District.

All vehicles (cars, RVs) must be operable and movable by their own power.

A few requirements of the program are listed below, and the complete municipal code regulating safe parking is available online

 • Up to six vehicles (An operator may allow more than six vehicles on property owned or leased by the operator, with a plan approved by the City)
 • For people experiencing homelessness and cannot obtain other low-income housing.
 • Accommodations must be located on a paved or gravel surface.
 • No permanent improvements to the property are allowed.
 • May not require any fee, rent, or other monetary charge.
 • City approval does not override covenants prohibiting overnight parking. Applicants are responsible for looking into their own property restrictions.
 • City approval is not a land use decision. The approval is not transferrable to new property owner.
 • Access to sanitation facilities must be provided at all hours people are allowed to be on the property in temporary accommodations. 
 • Applicant must continue to comply with all other city codes and regulations (e.g, noise code).
 • Annual re-application must be made and approved by City.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Amber Neeck, Housing and Neighborhood Specialist, for site plan review requirements: 541-450-6068,