Business & Occupation Tax Certificate

It is unlawful for a person to transact any business in the city without first obtaining a Business and Occupation Tax Certificate. A Business and Occupation Tax Certificate authorizes the certificate holder to transact business at the location designated on the certificate. Evidence of doing business includes the use of signs, circulars, cards, telephone books, newspapers, or another form of advertisement to represent the transacting of business in the city. Receipt of the certificate does not imply compliance with zoning, planning, building safety, and fire safety regulations. The certificate application will be denied where the activity to be taxed would not comply with city ordinances, or state, or federal law. You will need to comply with these requirements.

Applying for Certificate

Prior to applying for a Business and Occupation Tax Certificate please visit the State of Oregon Business Registry to determine the availability of your business name and to find specific instructions as to setting up a business in the state.

If you need to apply for a Business and Occupation Tax Certificate with the City of Grants Pass you may download the application (PDF). Please read the instructions first before filling out the form. The application must be printed with an original signature. You may visit the office to complete the form and pay for the license or mail the application:

City of Grants Pass
101 NW A Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526