The City of Grants Pass owns and operates a large and complex stormwater system that accommodates rainfall runoff from nearly 27, 000 acres of land in and around the city. This contributing area and various political boundaries are illustrated below.

Stormwater Map

The fundamental purpose of the stormwater system is to keep Grants Pass a vibrant and livable community. Stormwater problems are more than just a periodic and temporary nuisance. If not for the stormwater system, destructive flooding and erosion would quickly turn unmanageable. Unchecked stormwater runoff can leave critical roadways impassible for emergency services. What's more, harmful urban pollution would be picked up by runoff and carried directly to the Rogue River and other natural waterways.

The Stormwater Division is responsible for surface and sub-surface storm drain systems.  Storm drain maintenance is the major function of the Stormwater Division. 

The division maintains, manages, and oversees publicly owned curb inlets, catch basins, underground pipes and open drainage ways that are maintained year-around on an as needed basis.

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