Planning a Special Event in Grants Pass

Our community loves to celebrate public events and small gatherings. Some events, though, may require permits. Below are examples of when your event would need a City permit:

  • When a parade is on any public street
  • When a public or private event requires a partial or full street closure of a public street
  • When alcohol is served or sold on public property or alcohol is sold on private property
  • When an event is open to the public and held on public property
  • When an event requires overnight camping in a City Park
  • When selling merchandise on public or private property

When planning an event in a City Park, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department via phone at 541-471-6435 or by email at

Permit Process

The Special Events permit process, adopted November 17, 2010, is intended to provide the City of Grants Pass with the information it needs to evaluate your application especially as it relates to public health and safety (Municipal Code 4.07 (PDF)). The second and equally important purpose is to help you in planning and organizing your event.

Events Held Outside the Park

For any event not held in a City Park, please use the Special Event Application Form (PDF). Contact the Administration Department via phone at 541-450-6000 or by mail at Administration, 101 NW A Street, Room 205, Grants Pass, OR, with any questions.

Plan Early

The City Manager and staff review many permit applications. Applications shall be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled event (optimal 60 days). Select below for more information regarding a specific permit(s):