Business Spotlight - Pain 2 Performance

Pain 2 Performance
111 SE G Street, Suite D
Grants Pass, OR  97526
Owner:  Dr. Keith Yoho, Chiropractor

Your body has a greater ability to heal itself than you may think. Dr. Keith Yoho provides safe and effective chiropractic services to all his patients.  

Wellness means a lot of things to different people.  Healthcare is not just about chasing pain; functioning well and feeling better is the key.  

Dr. Yoho desires to educate his patients while providing comprehensive care.  He wants you to be comfortable and safe during your visits.  He will review and evaluate the issues you present and customize a plan that will work for you.  Your part is putting in the time and effort to do what is prescribed so you can get to feeling better.  He won't do any procedure unless you are ready mentally and physically.  He will explain his treatment plan and answer any questions you have. The goal is optimal wellness. This may mean calming down the tissues then building them back up.  

Exercise is key.  We've heard this before.  However, if you treat the skeleton you must also build the muscles and surrounding tissue to support the treatment.  Without that, you are wasting your time and money.  The body functions are all interrelated and it's ability to heal is contingent on these interrelationships.  It is an intricate system that Dr. Yoho has dedicated himself to exploring and treating.  He will give you homework and may be a little tough on you but the results will be well worth the efforts.  

DR. Yoho is from Tomball, Texas where he became a nationally ranked swimmer, Division I athlete.  While at Texas A&M, he coached with the women's swim team for 2 seasons where he worked with 6 competitors in the 2012 Olympic Games.  Keith volunteers with the Southern Oregon Trail Alliance and is a member of the City of Grants Pass and Josephine County Bikeways and Walkways Committee.  He moved to Grants Pass to be closer to family and to be in the trees.  

Don't live in pain.  Schedule and appointment for an evaluation.  Dr. Yoho wants to know why you're in pain and will design a plan that will work for you.  He will spend about an hour speaking with you, reviewing your history and evaluating your needs.  You can't get better if you don't make the call.