Business Spotlight - Wild Rogue Emporium

Wild Rogue Emporium
202 SW 6th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Owner: Jan Bertaggia

Jan Bertaggia has great taste.  She also has a great feel for what her customers will appreciate.  She has a passion for making this downtown shop an eclectic gem.  

Jan has been in this location for 4 years and has recently gone through a few changes.  She decided to remove the consignments out so she could focus more on what really makes this shop special.  She also remodeled and brought in a touch of elegance to the fresh and bright new space.  

In 2017 Jan added the clothing to the shop.  She brought in several lines of apparel, bath & body care products and jewelry that really turns heads.  You will find adorable items for your household or to offer as gifts.  Custom and handmade, linen and lace; truly a wonderful variety.  If you are looking for something unique, drop by and see what the Wild Rogue Emporium has.  

Violet Continued has brought in wonderful custom made selections that are a must to add to your wardrobe.  Her designs are adorable and very high quality.  They are truly special and they are fun to wear.  

Tussie Mussies Bath and Body care products look as beautiful as they smell.  Delightfully packaged and locally made for over 20 years.  Lotions, sachet's, bath bombs, soaps and a lot more.  

For sparkle, Anne Koplik Designs provides gorgeous jewelry pieces with Swarovski crystals.  Each pieces is custom and designed to make a statement.  

Air Plants by Wicked Garden are fascinating.  They are easy to care for and grow but really hard to kill.  Perfect for everyone.  

The aforementioned items are just a small sampling of what you will find when you visit.  You will notice treasures of all types placed in every available spot.  It's fun to peruse each area for cool finds. Jan takes the time to find those unique items that are special for her clientele.  She pays attention to the details and knows what her customers will love. They are all friends after all and she cherishes each and every one of them.

The items you purchase will be nicely wrapped for you to take home or present to a loved one as a gift. This is the time of year that gift giving gets into our minds as the holiday's approach.  You can count on Jan to have fabulous items throughout the season that will be fun as well as perfect presents for our loved ones.  

Stop in and see Jan and her lovely shop.  She is on the corner of 6th and G streets in the heart of downtown Grants Pass.  You won't regret it.  

Wild Rogue Emporium is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.  Visit her on Facebook.