"C" Street/Dimmick Street Reconstruction

Project Details

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Awaiting Notice to Proceed
City of Grants Pass
Construction Start
Estimated Completion Date
Contract Amount
Description Installation and Repair of a Storm Drainage System; Consisting of Approximately 10 Curb Inlets, 8 Manholes, 1,206 LF of Various Size Storm Drain Pipe and Associated Appurtenances, Repair of Sanitary Sewer Main; Consisting of Approximately 645 LF of Various Size Sanitary Sewer Main Pipe and Associated Appurtenances, Asphalt Paving and Patching, Install and Upgrade Sidewalks, Driveways and Ada Ramps as Necessary, Fence Installation and Repair, Installation of Approximately 270 SF of Retaining Wall, Approximately 4 Potable Water Service Connections, and Adjust or Replace Water Meter Boxes as Needed.

Project Documents