Rogue Enterprise Zone

In 2010, Grants Pass and Josephine County combined their 2 Enterprise Zones into 1 zone: the Rogue Enterprise Zone. 

An enterprise zone is an Oregon State designated area to encourage business investment in that area through property tax relief. Eligible businesses are usually traded sector (non-retail) businesses and they can receive up to 15 years of tax abatement for all newly developed or new to Oregon equipment.

Standard Enterprise Exemption (3 Years)

  • Enter into a 1st-source agreement with local job training providers
  • Have no concurrent job losses outside the zone boundary
  • Increase full-time, permanent employment of the firm by the greater of 1 new job or 10% increase in employment
  • Maintain this minimum employment level during the exemption period

Extended Enterprise Exemption (Up to 5 Years)

  • Compensation of new workers must be at or above 150% of the county average wage
  • Written agreement with the local zone sponsors

Long-Term Enterprise Zone (7-15 years)

Any type of business activity is eligible for the long-term enterprise zone as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Average annual compensation for all workers at the facility must stay at or above 150 % of the county average annual wage, within 5 years of starting operations
  • Employment level must be maintained during the abatement period
  • Total investment of over $25,000,000 for the project
  • Within 3-5 years of commencing operations, a minimum of 35-50 new, full-time employees must be hired

E-Commerce Overlay

The Rogue Enterprise Zone is 1 of several zones that receive special status to encourage electronic commerce or "e-commerce" investments.

The most significant feature of the e-commerce overlay is that a qualifying business may receive a credit against the business's annual state income or corporate excise tax liability. The credit equals 25% of that tax year's investment cost in capital assets for operations related to electronic commerce. All requirements for the Standard Enterprise Exemption apply to the e-commerce overlay.

For more information concerning these programs contact the City of Grants Pass at 541-450-6000.