Business Development Programs

The City has a number of programs aimed at aiding local businesses and attracting new businesses to the area. The city specifically targets manufacturing, wholesale distribution, regional service centers, and high-tech companies in the 10 to 300 employee range. Some of the services and programs offered by the city include the following:
  1. Business Retention & Expansion

    The program focuses on aiding existing local businesses, accomplished with the goals of keeping local firms in business and in the community, increasing their competitiveness, and helping them grow and expand.

  2. Industrial Development Revolving Loan Fund

    For qualified businesses, low-interest, long-term "gap" financing for business expansion is available from the city.

  3. Micro Enterprise Loan Program

    This program allows entrepreneurs to borrow up to $10,000 or as little as $300 to start or run their businesses.

  4. Rogue Enterprise Zone

    This state-administered property tax abatement program was formed in 1997 and is designed to lower up-front costs associated with business expansion or new development.

  5. System Development Charges Incentive Program

    Qualified businesses and nonprofits can receive up to 100% of their Transportation System Development Charges reimbursed through this incentive program.