Hiking Trails

Parks and Trails MapThe Grants Pass area offers a number of hiking trails for the public. Many are owned and maintained by the City of Grants  Pass. Others are owned and maintained by other jurisdictions.

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Hiking Paths and Trails

Within the City of Grants Pass, you can take a walk on these trails within and outside of our Parks, and even walk from one park to another.

Paved Trails Outside of Parks

  • Allen Creek Trail
  • Fruitdale Trail

Parks with Paved Trails and Paths

  • Morrison Centennial
  • Reinhart Volunteer Park
  • Eckstein Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Redwood Park

Connecting Paths and Trails

  • Reinhart Park to Greenwood Dog Park sends you on a very pretty path along the river.
  • Reinhart Park to Tussing Park takes you across the pedestrian bridge.

Other Trails