DRAFT Stormwater Management Manual

The City of Grants Pass is pleased to introduce its DRAFT Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM). This SWMM will alter how our developing community reduces, controls and treats stormwater runoff. The manual is in the DRAFT stage and the City is requesting public feedback through an online open-house found at the following link (Online open-house ). 

The Stormwater Management Manual utilizes a methodical approach to managing stormwater using Low Impact Development principles. This approach preserves and mimics the historical natural water cycle and helps to attain State mandated water quality goals. Low Impact Development varies greatly from historically used stormwater control measures and will change how development occurs. This change will help the community manage the quantity and quality of runoff from the City resulting in cleaner rivers and streams. 

Read the complete Draft Grants Pass Stormwater Management Manual or go the individual chapters and appendices below.

Please take the survey to provide valuable feedback on the future of our stormwater system.

Grants Pass Stormwater Management Manual

Find links to individual chapter and appendices and the complete Grants Pass Stormwater Manual PDF document
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Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development preserves or mimics the natural water cycle and protects water quality.
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Implementing LID

Choose Best Management Practices based on their ability to mimic per-development hydrology.
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Applicability and Requirements

Development and redevelopment proposals must comply with this manual if they include at least 2,500 square feet of new or replaced impervious surface.
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Best Management Practices

This is a comprehensive list of environmental, social and financial considerations for making decisions about best practices.
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Example Best Management Practices

Documents with best management practices for various aspects of Stormwater management.
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Source Controls

This chapter presents source controls for managing pollutants that stormwater quality measures would not address.
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Stormwater Management Draft Documents & Forms

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Feedback & Appendices

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