Dollar Mountain

Burn Update 

Prescribed burns will start on November 26, 2019 and continue through March 1, 2020. See the Prescribed Burn Notice (PDF) for more information.

Update 10/31/2019

The City was notified that we have been awarded a technical assistance grant from the National Parks Service for the development of a master plan for Dollar Mountain.

The National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (NPS-RTCA) program supports community-led natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation projects across the nation.

Their planning work often leads to successful grant applications for the construction of trails. Part of what they do is effectively engage the public as part of the process. One of their recent Oregon projects was awarded the Excellence in Citizen Involvement Award from the American Planning Association. Leahnette Rivers from Columbia City worked with the NPS-RTCA team on the McBride Creek Trail project said “The RTCA’s expertise and experience with similar projects has been very helpful to us. Without their assistance, the project wouldn’t be where it is today and that includes a recent grant award.”

To learn more about this program and see examples of how the NPS-RTCA has helped other Oregon communities plan their trail park systems go to

Dollar Mountain Project

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The Dollar Mountain property is west of Starlite Drive and east of Pinecrest Drive. This land is approximately 444 acres which can be used to develop a useable trail system for hiking and biking, similar in size and scope to Cathedral Hills.

The purchase was discussed at the City Council level, and at the January Bikeway Walkway Committee and Park Advisory Committee meetings. A Public Open House was conducted on January 16th, 2019 in Council Chambers where Staff, Mayor and 4 Councilors answered questions and listened to concerns.

What's Next?

  • Grayback Forestry completed the first phase of fuel reduction work on 55 acres near residential areas. The piles created by this work are ready to burn once weather permits.
  • The City will continue to ask the public what would be the best and highest volume use of the property, through meetings and surveys.
  • The City will discuss contracting for professional trail designer services. A development plan is required in most cases for grant applications.
  • The City will seek grant funding for the development of the park.

Questions & Answers:

Escrow closed on January 31, 2019. We do not have all the answers yet on what the future holds for this park.

Developing hiking and mountain biking trails are the first primary uses being considered. Many future uses are not yet determined. Paragliding, equestrian trails, dedicated motorbike trails and photo spots are just a few of the ides for activities the public has shared with us. The development of the property will take time and funding.

Currently we are seeking public input to help make decisions on the next phase of development.

  • When will this park be open to the public?
    That is undetermined. The first phase of the project will be fuel reduction and addressing fire safety concerns.
  • How was this park purchased?
    The City will use General Funds to buy the property, not current Parks Operating or Capital Funds.
  • Will City Police respond to calls?
    Most of the property is outside City Police jurisdiction. The County Sheriff will respond to calls in most cases. We will have more discussions and decisions to make about how to address security concerns in the park.
  • Will motorbikes or off-road vehicles be allowed?
    No decision has been made yet about these activities.
  • Where will the trail heads be?
    This will be part of the planning process as we work with a professional trail designer.
  • Will there be restrooms?
    Typically, we provide restrooms in our parks, but no decision has been made yet on where or what kind of restrooms will be available.
  • Will horseback riding be allowed?
    This has not been determined yet but there has been interest.
  • Will there be trails made for different levels of difficulty?
    Most likely yes. We will work with a professional trail designer to develop access for different levels of activity.
  • I live next to this property. How close will the trail be from my backyard?
    We don't have a set design yet, but the intent is to impact private property owners as little as possible.
  • I'd like to volunteer at Dollar Mountain, who do I contact? 
    Contact Wendy Giordano at 541-450-6160.

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Dollar Mountain Trail Development

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