Transportation System Plan

What is a Transportation System Plan (TSP)?

The Transportation System Plan (TSP for short) will guide how the transportation system changes in Grants Pass over the next 20 years. It helps decide which new transportation projects will be most likely to get funding, so it's important for the TSP to reflect the needs of residents and businesses. Our city has two Interstate 5 interchanges so the project will also includes two Interchange Area Management Plans (IAMPs).

How do you get around in Grants Pass?

The City of Grants Pass Transportation System Plan will help us think about how we get around town today, what changes are coming over the next 20 years, and what we need to do to keep Grants Pass a great place to live.

Decisions today will impact the future

There are currently 143 miles of city streets in the Grants Pass transportation system, as well as over 190 miles of sidewalks and trails. All of this infrastructure requires money to maintain, so we have to choose new investments carefully.

Past Meetings

Online from Sept 9- October 31 for public input.

Project Team

  • Consultant Project Manager: David Evans and Associates- Andrew Mortenson
  • Agency's Project Manager: Oregon Department of Transportation- Ian Horlacher
  • City of Grants Pass Project Manager: Wade Elliott- Public Works
  • City of Grants Pass Project Manager: Lora Glover- Planning/Economic Development

Citizen Advisory Committee

  • Leslie Orr: Bikeways and Walkways Committee
  • Diane Hoover: Blue Zones Project
  • Stephen Haydon: Planning Commission
  • Gerard Fitzgerald: Planning Commission

Technical Advisory Committee

  • City of Grants Pass - Planning/Economic Development: Lora Glover
  • City of Grants Pass – Public Works: Wade Elliott
  • City of Grants Pass – Public Safety: Todd Moran
  • Oregon Department of Transportation – Region 3: Ian Horlacher
  • Oregon Department of Transportation – Active Transportation: Jenna Marmon
  • Middle Rogue Metropolitan Planning Organization: Karl Welzenbach
  • Josephine County – Public Works, Airport: Eric Heesacker
  • Josephine County – Community Development: Julie Schmelzer
  • Josephine County Transit – Public Transit: Scott Chancey

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