Hazardous Tree Program

If City staff determines a tree is hazardous, then it is the property owner's responsibility to remove the hazard.   (Municipal Code: Title 10).

When hazardous trees are in the City Right-Of-Way, the City’s Hazardous Tree Program will reimburse property owners up to 50% of the removal and replacement costs.


To be eligible, the property owner must submit a minimum of 3 written bids from approved arborists to the City Streets Division for approval.


Once the bid is approved by the City, and before removing or pruning trees, you must:

If the work is done by the specified date, and after the new tree is planted, submit your receipts to the City. The City will reimburse up to half the cost of tree and stump removal, and the replacement tree.

If the work is not done, the City will issue a Notice of Violation and give you a short time frame to finish the work. If the work is not done after that time, the tree will be removed by the City and a lien will be placed on the property for the removal/replacement costs and additional 20% administrative fee.

Financial Hardship

If the cost of removal is a financial hardship, the City can help you with a payment plan. Contact Finance Director Jay Meredith for more information.