Transportation Planning


The City of Grants Pass is undertaking two significant transportation planning endeavors to address transportation needs for approximately the next 20 years.

  • Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update.
  • Interchange Access Management Plans (IAMPs) for I-5 Exits 55 and 58.

This work will occur concurrently. A consulting team led by David Evans and Associates has been hired to conduct the work. Throughout the process, this work will be guided by a Technical Advisory Committee, Citizen Advisory Committee, and public input through online and in-person open houses and other forums.

The final Transportation System Plan will be adopted by the City Council. The Interchange Access Management Plans will be adopted by the City Council and Board of County Commissioners.


The Technical Advisory Committee includes representatives from the City, County, and other affected organizations. The Citizen Advisory Committee includes representatives with key stakeholder perspectives and citizens at large.

  • Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Technical Advisory Committee


As work progresses, updates will be provided to help you learn about the project and the key issues at each step so you have the information you need to participate. Please watch for announcements for upcoming events and opportunities to learn about the work and provide your input.

Project Launch

David Evans and Associates have been collecting background information and preparing the initial technical memoranda to develop information for the first round of information sharing and public outreach.