Water Treatment Plant  Project

Water Treatment Plant

On Jan. 15, 2020, the Grants Pass City Council adopted a resolution declaring a public need to acquire property for a new water treatment plant. With this action, the council took another step to secure Grants Pass’s nearly 90-year water legacy. 

With property secured, staff and consultants are securing the final details to begin the multi-year project and construct a replacement water treatment plant. This plant will provide a plentiful supply of clean, safe drinking water for the next generation of Grants Pass residents.

Plant design activities will begin in late spring of 2021 and are anticipated to last for about a year. Construction will begin early in 2023. In the meantime, there will be a flurry of activity on the site as work is carried out to complete subsurface investigations, mitigate any potential hazards, install storm water facilities, and secure the site.

This website will be updated frequently with current project schedules, photos, and videos of this historic public works project.

Technical details about the new plant will also be posted here, including treatment technology, capacity aspects, and more. Viewers can also sign up to receive project updates in their email by following this link WTP Updates to sign up for more information.

Key Features

Key features likely to be incorporated into the project which will benefit the City's many water users include: enhanced treatment techniques, increasing plant efficiency and effectiveness, improved reliability as standby power will ensure the delivery of water in the event of extended power failures, improved site security to ensure your water is safe as it travels to your home. 

See a VIDEO of the new site location.

Why Does the Plant Need to be replaced?

The water treatment facility has been identified as one of the oldest water plants in Oregon that is still in operation. Well past its projected lifecycle, the ability of the plant to reliably deliver water to the community is becoming increasingly more challenging and expensive.  In addition to its age and deteriorating structures, the facility layout, and access create security concerns.

Some have wondered why a new plant couldn’t be built where the existing one is.  While this location has been fine, the City will need to keep delivering water from it until a new plant is fully on-line. There is not enough room at the current site to accommodate new buildings without removing the old ones, significantly disrupting service to Grants Pass residents. In addition, building at the current site would cost more, take a longer time to build, create the larger risks to current services, and could not accommodate long-term future expansions.

What's New?

Water Treatment Design Build RFP 

Water Treatment Plant Site Cleanup

Water Treatment Plant is Aging

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