Urban Renewal Projects

Urban renewal projects authorized by the plan are described below. Public improvements authorized under the plan include upgrading infrastructure including transportation and utilities to encourage development.

Sewer Plant

This project would support the $20,000,000 water restoration plant expansion and will benefit the entire city. 18 percent contribution from the Urban Renewal Area.

Water Plant

This project would support the $56 million project of replacing the water treatment plant. This too will benefit the entire City of Grants Pass. 18 percent contribution.

Both of the above projects meets the City Council's goals to maintain, operate and expand our infrastructure to meet community needs.

North End Improvements

Water, sewer, and transportation are needed in this industrial area prior to further development. Proposed Urban Renewal Area participation at 25 percent would help in development and expansion.

South East Industrial (Spalding)

The City has a limited amount of industrial area and in order for the property to develop, it needs sufficient infrastructure which would include a sewer lift station to accommodate the topography in order to provide sufficient city sewer services. Water fire flow requirements would require a new reservoir. Proposed Urban Renewal Area participation of 25 percent in this project could open this area up for development and expansion.

North 6th and 7th Street Corridor

Visitor's first impressions of Grants Pass are made as they come into the city through these areas. There is need for façade improvements, landscaping, and improvements that would visually enhance this corridor and add to the appeal of the downtown city.

Blighted building removal and/or replacement

There are several blighted buildings that are prime real estate opportunities being underutilized. The removal and restructuring in key development areas would attract new investment in the community. Incentives could influence property owner's future development.

Southern Section of NW industrial area

Water, sewer, and transportation improvements are needed in this area. Proposed participation of 25 percent would open this area up for development and expansion.

Vine Street

Infrastructure, water, sewer, and transportation needed to support further development. 25 percent participation in this project would be helpful.

Building Rehab Program

This project would focus on rehabilitating unsightly or uninhabitable buildings. The program could set up low or no-interest loans, or could include a grant element. The purpose would be to encourage private investments by improving facades, interior improvements, and perhaps the associated public infrastructure and access spaces connected to the buildings.

Business Incubator (Innovation Hub/Makerspace)

This project would support small businesses and entrepreneurs to resources that would assist thin in developing their business plan. The space would serve as a catalyst for starting a new business or learning a new trade. Partnering with the local schools, community college and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) would likely improve business success.

Convention Center

This project would explore a partnership with a developer or major hotel chain to locate a convention center in Grants Pass.

Town Center Plaza

This has been identified as an area that needs improvement. The building surrounding parking are not consistent with the balance of the historic district. Though there are some successful businesses and retail outlets, the potential exceeds what is currently there.

Riverside Park

Adding amenities to enhance this park could include an amphitheater, stage area, restrooms, Spray Park, meeting space and other features that would benefit the citizens and attract more visitors to the park and Grants Pass.

Underdeveloped land

There are underutilized properties located in the Urban Renewal Area. Higher and better uses, including business park use, lodging, commercial uses and/or uses consistent with current zoning would benefit the city, it's residents and its visitors.

Study Streetscape/Streetscape Implementation

Aesthetic improvements to the streetscape in southeast industrial area.

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In Progress

  1. These projects are budgeted for the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.

    Spalding Industrial Park