Urban Renewal

The purpose of urban renewal is to improve specific areas of a city that are poorly developed or underdeveloped. In the Oregon Revised Statute 457, these are called "blighted areas." These areas may have one or more of the following issues:

  • old or deteriorated buildings
  • public spaces that need improvements
  • streets and utilities in poor condition
  • a complete lack of streets and utilities altogether
  • other obstacles to development

The Grants Pass City Council adopted the Urban Renewal Plan on July 20, 2016. At that time, an Urban Renewal Area was defined, and an Urban Renewal Agency was established. The Plan continues until the Urban Renewal Agency decides the projects are complete or after 30 years.

Urban Renewal Agency

The Urban Renewal Agency is responsible for administrating the Urban Renewal Plan. The board is the Grants Pass City Council.

For a complete list of anticipated urban renewal projects, go to the Urban Renewal Projects page.


Tax increment financing is used to fund urban renewal projects. For more information about funding, read the Urban Renewal FAQs for a brief overview. Go to the Tax Increment Funding page for more information.

FY 2024 Budget

Adopted URA Budget - FY 2024

FY 2023 Budget

The Adopted Budget for FY 2023 is posted below.

Financial Reporting

The annual financial report for the Grants Pass Urban Renewal Agency for FY 2023 is posted below.

Grants Pass Urban Renewal Agency FY 2023

Urban Renewal Area

The maps below show the entire Urban Renewal Area and more detailed views of the zones within the area.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Urban Renewal Annual Reports

Each year, urban renewal agencies must report to the governing body and the general public on the financial impact of carrying out urban renewal plans on the tax collections for each of the overlapping governmental units within the agency's urban renewal districts. This Annual Report provides for all reporting requirements specified in Oregon Revised Statutes 457.460.

Go to the Urban Renewal Annual Reports page to access all the annual reports since the Grants Pass Urban Renewal Agency was formed in 2016.

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