Made in Grants Pass/Grants Pass 'Maker City'

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Grants Pass is home to an abundance of local ‘makers’ with local products made right here in Grants Pass. We are excited to share information with you about the creative and collaborative ‘Maker Movement’ and ‘Made in Grants Pass’ products that support our neighbors, local businesses, and local economy. Join the growing Grants Pass maker movement, and let us know how we can help!

Rogue Innovation Hub

RCC and City of Grants Plan Innovation Hub for Community

Rogue Community College and the City of Grants Pass are coordinating efforts for the proposed development of the Rogue Innovation Hub. The partnership is an initiative to inspire and nourish hometown cultural and economic opportunity by establishing a downtown facility as a regional creative maker space and technical innovation hub.

Go to the Rogue Innovation page to find out more.

Made in Grants Pass - Buy It Where It is Made!

If you like handcrafted, small batch, artisan goods, be sure to download this guide to artisan goods made right here in Grants Pass. Many of them are made in the downtown Historic District, and you can buy them where they’re made. The guide lets you know where else to find these locally-made goods, including links to their online stores.

Made in Grants Pass - Buy It Where It Is Made!

Many of our local retailers, restaurants, farms, and wineries sell local products made and grown in Grants Pass and the abundant Rogue Valley. Check out the Travel Grants Pass website for a list of these businesses, restaurants, and attractions. You can also pick up a handy guide at the Welcome Centers.

Travel Grants Pass Website

Grants Pass and the surrounding area are also home to large-scale manufacturers and other manufactured products, including such diverse items as boats, playground equipment, wood products, and specialty electronics. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Large Scale Producers and Other Products Manufactured in Grants Pass (Coming Soon)

Grants Pass Outdoor Markets 

Downtown Grants Pass is home to two open-air markets where you can find local products grown and handcrafted in the bountiful Rogue Valley and surrounding area. From November to March, the Growers Market moves to the County Fairgrounds for an indoor Winter Market.

Grants Pass Growers Market

4th and F Street, Downtown Grants Pass
Phone: (541) 816-1144

Saturday Artisans and Crafters Market

5th Street between E & F Street, Downtown Grants Pass
Phone: (541) 476-2371

Grants Pass Maker Community & MakerSpaces

MakerSpaces offer collaborative work spaces equipped with tools which are often out of reach for a start-up or hobbyist. Makerspaces may be specialized or multi-purpose. There are many kinds of MakerSpaces ranging from art and design to robotics and electronics, wood and metal products to sewing and apparel, and everything in between. Specialized food and beverage MakerSpaces are listed under ’Certified Commercial Kitchens’ below. Depending on the type of MakerSpace, tools and equipment may include laser cutters, plotters, 3-D printers, CDC routers, welding equipment, sewing machines, and more.

Parakeet! Studio

Shared Cooperative Design and Art Space
1752 Redwood Avenue
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Phone: (541) 727-8805

Certified Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens provide the opportunity for local food entrepreneurs to pursue their food business ventures by significantly reducing startup costs. They provide the kitchen space and licensing necessary to operate, overcoming obstacles food entrepreneurs can face in the startup stage. Some offer community cooking classes and food preparation classes.

If you are in need of a certified kitchen or expertise to help you get your food or beverage business up and running, these commercial kitchens can help!

Kia's Kitchen - A Processors Place

Kia McQueary offers a certified commercial kitchen and her abundant knowledge and expertise as a licensed certified food processor and supervisor. Products made at this location are also available for sale here.

111 SE G Street (on 'Aisle G')
Grants Pass OR 97526
Phone: (541) 479-3998

The Fruitdale Grange

The Fruitdale Grange offers a certified commercial kitchen available to rent. Also, watch for dates for the Grants Pass Crafter and Small Business Show at this location.

1440 Parkdale Drive
Grants Pass OR 97527
Phone: (541) 474-3553

The Cookspace (ECC: Entrepreneurs Commercial Cookspace)

The Cookspace offers a professionally equipped, commercially licensed kitchen for professional cooking and baking. They are a multi-purpose facility and can offer many different uses from food manufacturing and bottling to production of certain personal wellness products. The Cookspace is located in Kerby, but it offers some resources not yet available in Grants Pass.

Illinois Valley Business Entrepreneurial Center
RCC – Kerby Belt Building
24353 Redwood Highway
Kerby, OR 97531-9722
Phone: (541) 956-7400

Library of Things, Tool Libraries & FixerSpaces

Grants Pass Branch - Josephine Community Libraries

The Grants Pass library is now a ‘Library of Things.’ In addition to books and media, you can now check out a variety of other items. The library also offers facilities and all kinds of events and workshops including robotics and crafts.

200 NW C Street
Grants Pass OR 97526
Phone: (541) 476-0571

Materials from 'Made on Main Street Workshop'

In October 2015, the City hosted a ‘Made on Main Street’ workshop. The materials from the workshop about small scale production of handmade and artisan products can be found here. It includes information about how these businesses can help contribute to the vibrancy of downtown ‘Main Streets.'