Redwood Avenue Street Improvements Phase 3

Project Name: Redwood Avenue Street Improvements Phase 3
Project Number: TR6203
Status: In Punch List Phase
Engineer: Neil Burgess, JCPW; Kittelson Engineering
Contractor: Copeland Paving, Inc.
Construction Start: June 27, 2016
Estimated Completion: October 31, 2016
Contract Amount: $1,652,083.40
Project Description: This project includes the following: Storm Drainage, Sewer, Water and Irrigation Improvements of Varying Pipe Sizes and Materials, Approximately 3500 Tons of New Asphalt Road Surface, Approximately 33,000 Square Feet of Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Improvements, Installation of a Traffic Signal and Pavement Markings,  Additional and Incidental Work as Called for by the Specifications and Plans.
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