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The process for the 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan is underway!

Please help us identify the most critical needs and priorities for use of the CDBG funds for the 2017-2018 program year. This input will be used to help us develop the 2017-2018 Action Plan. (We will provide future notice of meetings to review and comment on the Draft 2017-2018 Action Plan once it is developed).

Let us know how CDBG and other publicly-funded activities in 2016-2017 addressed the needs of the City's predominately lower-income households. This input will help us evaluate 2016-2017 performance and respond to 2017-2018 needs and priorities. 

See the NOTICE for upcoming meetings about 2017-2018 needs and priorities.

Complete a SURVEY and return it by April 28, 2018.


The City of Grants Pass, as the principal city of a new metropolitan statistical area, was invited to participate in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program as an entitlement community. This means the City receives a direct annual funding allocation. This program is administered by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The over-arching goal of the CDBG program is to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities, especially for low- and moderate income persons. At least 70% of the City’s CDBG expenditures must be for activities that primarily benefit members of our community that are considered to be low- to moderate income. The CDBG program will provide HUD funds directly to the City that can be utilized to implement projects that achieve one of the following objectives: benefit low and moderate income persons, prevent/eliminate blight, or meet other urgent community needs that pose serious and immediate threat to health, safety or welfare.

The program includes five main funding program areas: Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention, Public Facilities and Community Development, Public Services (limited to 15% of annual CDBG award) and Economic Development. 

The City Council adopted the Consolidated Plan and the 2015-2016 (Year 1) Action Plan on August 5, 2015.

2016-2017 Action Plan and Consolidated Plan

The City Council adopted the 2016-2017 (Year 2) Action Plan and revised Consolidated Plan on August 3, 2016.

Plans and Reports

Consolidated Plan (Five-Year)

The Consolidated Plan is designed to help local jurisdictions to assess their affordable housing and community development needs and market conditions. The consolidated planning process serves as the framework for a community-wide dialogue to identify housing and community development priorities which align and focus funding from the CDBG programs.

Annual Action Plans

Due in October of every year after the City's first year, the City must develop a one-year Action Plan that summarizes the City's intended actions during that particular year with CDBG funding. These plans are notification to citizens and HUD outlining the projects the City has funded with each year's CDBG allocation.

CAPER - Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

Due in December of every year, the City reports on the activities over the past program year. The report highlights the accomplishments achieved and funds expended.

Citizen Participation Plan

The Citizen Participation Plan requirements are designed to encourage citizens to participate in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the City's CDBG plans and programs. The plan focuses on public involvement in the process of developing the City's Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and a review of the CAPER. Substantial amendments to the Consolidated Plan and the Annual Action Plan require public review and comments before approval.

Technical Assistance

You may obtain technical assistance regarding eligible projects, project concepts, and other information relative to the CDBG program by contacting Scott Lindberg at 541-450-6015 or by email at:

Fair Housing

As a recipient of CDBG funds, the City is required to certify it Affirmatively Furthers Fair Housing. This includes an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI). The AI identifies impediments to fair housing choice and actions to overcome the impediments.