Apply For

  1. Alcohol Permit

    Alcohol permits are required for public events on public grounds.

  2. Block Party Permit

    Find out more about what you need to get a permit for your block party.

  3. Business & Occupation Tax Certificate

    To do business in Grants Pass, you must apply for a Business and Occupation Tax Certificate.

  4. Business Funding

    If you are doing business in Grants Pass, you may qualify for funding.

  5. Citizen's Public Safety Academy

    Sign up to learn about Public Safety in an interactive environment and get to know the officers and firefighters on a more personal level.

  6. Committee or Board Position

    Get information on applying for a position on a task force, board, commission, committee or the City Council

  7. Jobs

    Check the current job openings.

  1. Marriage License / Domestic Partnership

    Go to the Josephine County Clerk's Office website to apply or get more information.

  2. Parade Permit

    Get more information on applying for a Parade Permit.

  3. Vendor and Peddler's License

    Vendors must be licensed by the City of Grants Pass.

  4. Placement of Public Art

    Find out more about how public art is acquired for the City of Grants Pass.

  5. Special Events Permits

    Check to see if you need to get permits for your event.

  6. Taxicab License

    You need a taxicab license to operate a taxi or limousine in the City of Grants Pass.

  7. Tree Permits

    To remove, prune, or plant a tree in a city right-of-way, sidewalk, or planter strip area, you need a permit.