WTP Access Roadway Modifications

Project Name:WTP Access Roadway Modifications
Project Number: WA5096
Engineer:Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.
Contractor:ROBCO, Inc.
Construction Start:April 29, 2013
Final Completion Date:June 13, 2013
Final Contract Amount:$48,300.82
Project Description:This Project Widened the Roadway to Include Approximately 170 Lineal Feet of Concrete Curb and Paved Area. Earthwork Included Roadway Subgrade Preparation and Slope Grading. It also Included the Relocation of 20 Lineal Feet of Chain Link Fence and Gate, Replacement of an Existing Swing Gate with an 18 Feet Clear Opening Black Vinyl Chain Link Cantilever Slide Gate with Operator and Controls and all Associated Appurtenances.
WTP Paved
WTP Fence
WTP Block Wall