For decades, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety has been an agency which embraces technology. To this end, police officers utilize X-26 and X2 Taser devices and other less-lethal weapons for defense, In-Car Camera Systems with wireless microphones, GPS technology, digital voice recorders, lap top computers, multiple channel police radios, mobile data terminals, and field based reporting systems.

Taser Taser

The X26 Advanced Air Taser provides a force option in which the officer does not have to get dangerously close to a resistive person before deploying the tool. The Taser may also reduce the need for other types of physical force by the officer(s).

New X2

The X2 Taser is the newest version in the Taser line. This less-lethal tool deploys two projectiles using compressed nitrogen. These projectiles transfer electrical energy from the handheld X2, through wires, into the resistive person. This electrical energy disrupts the ability of the belligerent and/or resistant person to continue their resistive / assault actions, allowing the officers to take them into custody. The X2 also has the option to deploy a second set of projectiles towards the suspect or another combative / resistive subject.

Taser CamTaser Cam

We've all heard the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." With this in mind, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety fully deployed the new Taser Cam recorder to all of our officers in May of 2007. The Taser X2 is also equipped with the Taser Cam.

The new Taser Cam recorder offers increased accountability - not just for officers, but for the people they arrest. Until now, it's been the officer's word against the suspect's word. Now with the Taser Cam recorder, every potential Taser X26, X2 deployment can be documented with full audio and video - even in zero light conditions.

 The Taser Cam system is an audio-video recording device integrated into the Taser X26 / X2 that can be activated at any time. This will allow officers to capture vital information prior to, during, and after the potential deployment of a Taser X26 / X2 device. This data is later downloaded and will provide another layer of accountability to support officers' reports.

ICOP Dash CamIn-Car Camera

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety started installing in-car VHS video cameras in patrol vehicles several years ago. While these systems were fine initially, the quality of the video was low, the camera systems became unreliable with time, and their upkeep became expensive.

In 2004, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety investigated alternatives to the aging VHS in-car video recording systems. After extensive research of the systems available at that time, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety opted to replace the VHS systems with the new digital video technology used by the ICOP Model 20/20.

In 2012, GPDPS upgraded their patrol fleet to the Watchguard system, replacing the ICOP. This system is similar to the ICOP 20/20 listed above but provides the video in HD and also has the ability to pre-record the event up to 60 seconds prior to the recording starting.

Mobile Data TerminalMobile Data Terminals

Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) are laptops placed in the driver compartment of each police vehicle. These computers communicate wirelessly to the police station computers and they are used in many ways.

When officers are sent to a call for service, the call information (name, address, type of call, details of call, etc.) are automatically sent to the officer's MDT. Officers can indicate their arrival on-scene with the push of a button on the touch screen, investigate the incident, and type in short dispositions on their MDT which are then wirelessly transmitted to the police station and entered into the notes of that call.

Officers can type reports and send those reports wirelessly to the police station for archival. This Field Based Reporting system allows officers to write and submit reports without having to leave their patrol area.

Automated External Defibrillators

In December 2006, the Department equipped all marked police vehicles, the CSO vehicle, City Hall, Reinhart Volunteer Park, and the Justice Building with Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automated External Defibrillators (AED). Since law enforcement is often first on scene it is critical to equip law enforcement with this life-saving technology to bridge the time gap between the patient's collapse and the arrival of emergency medical services. No enforcement-related activity could save as many lives or have such a positive impact on the community as law enforcement use of AEDs.

Helping people has always been at the core of the police mission, and saving lives is the highest form of assistance a law enforcement officer can provide. Grants Pass Police personnel are now simultaneously dispatched with Emergency Medical Services to calls involving traumatic injury, heart problems, chest pain, heart attack, electrocution, drowning, and unconsciousness. By combating sudden cardiac arrest with automated external defibrillators, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is enhancing the safety of those who live and visit the City of Grants Pass.